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The Neighborhood

Stanford Elm is a private, gated community located at 111th Street and South Sheridan in Bixby, Oklahoma.  

Stanford Elm has been called one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area.  The ponds, trees, and open areas provide a wonderful location for any home.  Click here for some images of Stanford Elm

The area is zoned RS-1 (Residential Single-Family Low Density District).  There are 100 lots in the neighborhood, all but three of which have homes, most of which were constructed after 1997.

There are two gated entrances to the development.  Each gate may be operated by remote control, or by a keypad at the gate.  The gate on Sheridan Road also has a telephone which visitors may use to call for access.  The homeowner may open the gate from their home telephone to allow visitor access.  Remote controls are available for purchase by residents from the homeowners association at cost.

sheridan_entrance.jpg (39625 bytes) Sheridan Entrance showing guest call station.

Homeowners Association and Restrictive Covenants

Stanford Elm is governed by a Homeowners Association, whose members are elected annually.  Restrictive Covenants are in place to protect the aesthetics and value of the neighborhood.

Any one interested in purchasing a lot in Stanford Elm should first read the Covenant located here.

Schools and Utilities

The neighborhood is located in the City of Bixby, Oklahoma and in the Bixby Public School District.  Water and Sewer service is also provided by the City of Bixby.  

Electric Service is provided by Public Service Company of Oklahoma, and natural gas by Oklahoma Natural Gas.  Telephone and Cable is available at each lot.  All utility lines are underground, and the necessary utility easements are located on each lot.

Fire hydrants are located throughout the development, and the Bixby Fire Department is located close by.

A safe area to live

We have always thought that we probably live in the safest part of town, but now we can prove it.  The Tulsa Police Department now has their on-line crime tracking system available that shows the location of every crime in the city of Tulsa.




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